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Ikaros Beach, Luxury Resort & SpaOverlooking the Bay of Malia, only 33 km (20.5 miles) from the Heraklion International Airport

A modern resort offering a central Hall, deluxe bungalows and luxurious suites, some with private swimming pools.

Provides its guests with a royal, European-style hospitality, up to the smallest of details. The entire resort complex is designed with a magical aura surrounded by enormous lawns, landscaped gardens and an abundance of sandy beaches, swimming pools and endless water parks for complete rejuvenation.

A short drive from popular tourist destinations, the resort combines great comfort with the ideal atmosphere for luxurious relaxation.

You are welcome to enjoy the prestigious vacation of a world-class five-star hotel, rated 9.2 on BOOKING.

The resort-hotel offers 25 swimming pools, some of which are private pools, and its guests enjoy a wide and varied selection of attractions, excursions, and activities.

This Passover is your Dream Come True

Malia The Magical Beach Town – The Island of Crete

Be part of one of the topmost tourist destinations in Europe.Crète is the largest of the Greek islands – the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, covering an area of 8,300 square kilomètres – it is considered one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Greece, with over two million tourists every year.

Malia is a charming, enchanting beach town on the northeast coast of the Héraklion region. It is the essence and heart of Crete’s tourist attractions, owing to its luxurious hotels visited by tourists from all over the globe.

Malia is a combination of the natural wealth of the region, and a super-luxurious level of hospitality. Malia has any number of interesting activities and excursions. The central square offers an abundance of shopping opportunities at excellent value – from jewelry to clothing, to original arts and crafts, and ornaments.

You will be highly impressed by the local architecture, as you tour Malia on foot. Malia was a major city during the Minoan civilization and reached its greatest influence during the palatial périodes (1900 BCE – 1675 BCE). Today Malia is regarded as a showcase of modern archaeology, and tourists can observe well-preserved Palaces, Theaters, colonnades, and much more – all in the earth color designs of the period, which blend harmoniously with the surrounding landscape.

Passover Gourmet

When authentic Passover Gourmet is cooked by culinary geniuses

Get ready for an exquisite gastronomical Passover experience:
A winning combination of Traditional Jewish cuisine and contemporary culinary delights enriched by international flavors and aromas.

Our guests will enjoy rich meals in lavish abundance – all prepared under Glatt Kosher supervision by world-renowned Chefs which have earned years of experience in preparing Glatt Kosher Jewish gourmet for luxury vacationers on Jewish holidays in a variety of hotels, in Israel and abroad.

The Seder night will be held in the best of traditions with great splendor. There is a possibility for enjoying the Communal Seder, a family Seder, or for making your own private arrangements.

Glatt Kosher Badatz Lemehadrin ‘Yoreh De’ah’ from Bnei Brak – under the strictest halakhic supervision of Rabbi Shlomo Mahfud Shalita.

You will have the possibility of choosing gourmet dishes – either with or without kitniyot or gebrochts – prepared in two separate kitchens.

We are committed to make this holiday an unforgettable experience for You and your Family

Our Passover Program

  • Glatt Kosher Badatz Lemehadrin Gourmet Kitchen.
  • Full Board. Wine and beverages unlimited during meals.Chol-HaMoed excursions include a packaged Glatt Kosher lunch.
  • On Shabbat and Yom Tov – Kiddush
  • Shmoura Matzah (handmade) and Regular Matzah available all throughout the holiday.
  • Bar Lobby open from 11 am to 11 pm – enjoy hot and cold beverages, snacks, cakes, chocolate.
  • Sweet hour – Sweet and delicious baked treats will be served every afternoon.
  • Ashkenazi and Sephardic davening, performed by a renowned chazzan.
  • Classes, conferences, lectures, Shiurim and Daf Yomi – on a daily basis.
  • Kids Club, spécial activités designed to cater for your children and teenagers, accompanied by professional instructors, throughout the vacation.
  • Family Night games – and activités to keep the family awake.
  • Hassidic and Israël Song nights.
  • Health center and Spa: separate hours for men, separate hours and women.

Hôtel Services

  • A variéte of hôtel rooms, bungalows, and suites – all designed in luxurious comfort and overlooking the Méditerrané.
  • Private Beach area – steps away from the beach. Enjoy comfortable sunbeds and parasols in a relaxed, private atmosphère.
  • Outdoor swimming pools – 4 pools for adults, 2 pools for children.
  • Toddlers pool with water slides.
  • Indoor pool. separate hours for men, separate hours and women.
  • Luxurious Health and Spa Center for an unforgettable experience of royal comfort, including a Turkish steam bath, sauna, jacuzzi, and indoor pool; Thalasso seawater treatments and a sélection of treatments inspired by worldwide cultures. separate hours for men, separate hours and women.
  • Fully equipped gym.
  • Tennis courts.
  • Golf courts – 3 km. from the resort*
  • Children and teen activities and sports grounds.
  • Sports Facilities and sporting évents on a daily basis.
  • Shopping gallérie with exclusive boutiques.
  • Bicycle for rent*
  • ‘Rent-A-Car’ options*
  • Wi-Fi available in all rooms and public areas, free of charge

* At an additional cost.

Excursion Program

Let yourself enjoy endless possibilités of excursions in this delightful area. Guided tours are offered during the intermediate days. Come and discover the rich history and the beautiful landscape :

  • Boat Excursion to Spinlonga island and Agios Nikolaos, the small island town with its picturesque harbor and stunning fortress.
  • Héraklion – one of Crêtes biggest city, whose emblème is the Venetian fortress of Koules
  • Shopping at the JUMBO Mall – huge shopping center with wonderful attractions for kids!
  • Picturesque Old town of Rethymno
  • A Visit to the Legendary Sfendoni Cave – with its labyrinthine impressive formations
  • Breathtaking and adventurous Jeep hikes
  • Horse back riding


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