When the Beit Hamikdash was in existence, they brought “Cyprus wine”, since as Rashi points out, Cyprus is part of Eretz Yisrael for Kiddush Hachodesh and for Maassrot. Indeed, Jewish communities lived in Cyprus throughout most of history.

At KOSHER LUXURY TRAVEL, we have prepared exclusive excursions, that include Jewish heritage sites that most tour guides do not know about.

Some of the locations we will visit:

Kition – An ancient town mentioned in the Torah (“איי כיתיים) where many Jews lived.

Salmis – A city mentioned in the Gemara in Gitin and in many medieval sefarim.

Gulgoy – A village with a medieval column, that has a Greek engraving commemorating the renovation of the local synagogue.

Morfu – We will find there a table from the medieval period with illustrations of the menorah, lulav, etrog and shofar.

Lapidos (Krebs) – A sign made out of stone from the Gemara period, mentioning Rabbi Atticon, the philanthropist who donated the building used for the local synagogue..

Randy and Orides – Two villages in the Limassol region, where agricultural farms for Russian Jews were established in the 19th century.

Dekhelia – In the 19 century, served as a transit station for Jews from Romania.

Margo Farm – Jewish settlement in the early 20th century. There is also a Jewish cemetery there.

Larnaca – We will visit the Chabad House and the Jewish Museum.

Xilatimbu – Used as a British detention camp for immigrants to Israel after the Holocaust.

Ncosia – Remains of synagogues mentioned in Jewish books and a military hospital where about 2000 babies were born to women being detained in British detention camps.

Contingent to getting permission to cross the Turkish side of the island, we will also visit Famagusta in the Jewish neighborhood of JUDECA, which is bordered by a wall, whose remains can be seen to this day.

Ayia Napa, once a mere fishing village within the Famagusta region, has grown into one of the most popular tourist resorts in Europe, appealing to families, couples and singles alike.


Nearby is also the harbour area of Ayia Napa. A quaint port no longer used for commercial trade but still used today as a docking port for vacation cruise ships as well as deep sea fishing boat trips.


Troodos Mountains – A visit to Cyprus would not be complete without absorbing the beauty of the Island. If you’re looking for the perfect vacation photos for your family album, you must then check out Troodos Mountains. While you could do it alone, hiring a tour guide is highly recommended. These mountains stretch across most of the western side of Cyprus and offer a breathtaking view of the island.


While exploring the Troodos mountains, you will surely also stumble upon some of the beautiful quaint villages hidden on the mountain side.


Private tours available upon request. Reservations must be made in advance.



Home to several of the area’s 14 beaches awarded the European Union Blue Flag for cleanliness, Ayia Napa’s reputation for beautiful and clean beaches has spread worldwide!


With its sugary white sand and crystal clear water in varying shades of turquoise, blue, and cyan, Golden Beach is the resort’s main beach making your stay a perfect Mediterranean beach holiday.




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Chassidic, Israeli and Oriental concerts with International Stars: Chaim IsraelNemuel Haroch, and Maestro Israel Sosna.


Rav David Menashe Shlita, a Rosh Kollel, mathematician and economist who also teaches Torah in the Haifa’s Technion.

Jacob Maor, a travel writer and blogger in Israel Hayom newspaper and “Jewish Traveler” online magazine, and a former speechwriter for Prime Minister Netanyahu and the President of the State of Israel.

Ashkenazi and Sephardi Davenings, performed by renowned chazzanim.

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