Kosher Luxury Travel is a new concept, aimed at all those who want to treat themselves to a Kosher Lamehadrin vacation by the sea and in the world’s most beautiful hotels.
In sumptuous settings that respect both the highest halachic requirements in terms of kosher food and with finesse in terms of tsniut, Kosher Luxury Travel offers a new definition of “holidays”.
A full range of tourist services: from plane tickets to hotels, tours, sports facilities on or near the site, offices, shiurims and musical concerts, everything is in place to make your stay, an unforgettable vacation.
To take advantage of every moment, Kosher Luxury Travel offers you the possibility to entrust your children to a team of experienced and dedicated professionals who will introduce them to all kinds of manual, fun and outdoor activities.
Meanwhile, rediscover the joys of a couple’s excursion, a swim or simply the pleasure of Chilling!!!
You said food? Our world renowned Chefs will amaze your eyes and taste buds.
We look forward to welcoming you there… ..
……………… to please you….
………… and see you come back.