Summer 2020: A Luxurious Meditirrenean Cruise

70-passenger Premium Yachts and Unique Destinations

Choosing a destination for a family holiday or a romantic getaway for Summer 2020 is going to be challenging. Many of the European countries are still closing their borders, as well as the United States, and the mere thought of passing through an airport full of people will make you reconsider the decision.

Kosher Luxury Travel specializes in premium tourism all around the world, with tailor made tours with the highest class of services, strictly kosher culinary and locations. With Summer 2020 right around the corner, Kosher Luxury Travel decided to create a safe and exclusive option for a holiday: 7 and 10 day cruises in the Mediterenan Sea, in spacious premium yachts with 30-35 suites.

The yachts include gyms, spa and spacious dining halls with table service – all allow you to enjoy the vacation with maximum privacy. In addition, these days the company is looking through options to make a covid-19 test before the boarding, to ensure the safest sailing.

The luxurious cruises, that will depart from Haifa port, spare the need to cross through airports full of people, and the stops along the way will be jems off the beaten path – that will surprise even the most experienced travelers.

The ports will include the town of Limassol in Cyprus, with its Venecian and Ottoman ruins and the picturesque beaches, and the island of Kastellorizo, which is called “heaven on earth” by its 400 inhibitants.

The yacht will then set sail to another two enchanting, yet little known, islands: the authentic island of Symi, which is closer to Turkey than to any other Greek territory, and Patmos, with its 65 km of turquoise beaches, rocky mountains and tranquility.

The last three destinations are more famous, yet seem more and more beautiful with each visit: Mykonos, with its white washed houses and sky-blue roofs, Santorini, with its black volcanic beaches and breathtaking sunsets, and Rhodes, with its beaches and historical sights.

Since Kosher Luxury Travel believes in creating tailor made holidays, it creates separate cruises for families, for couples and for the third age – with customized itinerary and a rich culinary experience.

Starting from 4,199 Euro per person for the 7 day cruise.

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